Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous earth is an amazing, multi-purpose remedy that helps us get rid of all sorts of nasty toxins and unwelcome pests. DE is a soft, silica-based rock powder made from fossilised marine algae known as diatoms, and contains a number of beneficial trace minerals. It has a long list of wonderful uses for people and pets alike. Please Note: Our Diatomaceous Earth is food grade and non-calcined.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is safely edible, and acts as a powerful natural detox treatment; it absorbs drug deposits, infections, mercury and bacteria like e-coli from the bloodstream, leaving your system wonderfully cleansed. DE also works to flush out the digestive tract, removing parasites and toxins. A regular dose of food grade diatomaceous earth will help to reduce blood pressure, control cholesterol and dissolve excess weight. The silica found in diatomaceous earth is known as a highly effective anti-ageing mineral which will nourish your skin, hair and nails as well.

Diatomaceous earth for pets acts as a non-toxic tick and flea remedy for dogs and cats; simply brush the powder into your pet’s hair and sprinkle it over their bedding. You can also add diatomaceous earth powder to your pet’s food as a safe natural deworming treatment. Faithful to Nature are trusted online suppliers of diatomaceous earth powders and capsules; we have a range of DE products to cater for you, your family and your four-legged furry friends. Buy diatomaceous earth online and start enjoying the many health benefits today.

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