Black Soap

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Black Soap from Faithful to Nature


The recipe for black soap was long held as a secret by tribeswomen in Ghana. They used the organic and gentle exfoliant to wash their babies and make their own skin as soft and smooth as velvet. They still make this soap in the traditional way, often using fair trade networks to share it with the outside world. Now it's available for you to buy online.


A gentle cleanser, African black soap is suitable for all types of skin. It leaves the face and body feeling clean and smooth without the irritation or redness causes by conventional soaps. Many people report a decrease in acne after faithful use, and almost everyone loves the way it makes their skin feel soft and radiant.

Black soap begins with organic African products such as plantain skins, cocoa pods, shea tree bark, and plantain leaves. These ingredients are sun-dried and roasted, a process which gives the product its deep brown or black color. Finally, they are ground and mixed with water and natural oils, usually a combination of shea butter and coconut and palm oils. The mixture then has to sit and cure for a while before use. The entire process is natural and earth-friendly.

Discover the secret that South African ladies have been using for years. No matter what your skin type or ethnicity, this gentle and effective soap can help you achieve an improved skin tone and texture. Bring out your inner glow with this easy-to-use and natural treatment.

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