Bee Natural Cleansing Balm (Sensitive Skin)

Bee Natural Cleansing Balm (Sensitive Skin)

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Bee Natural’s Cleansing Balm is made from natural ingredients that not only clean your face, but also replenish essential nutrients and add moisture. What’s more, it’s mild, totally effective and 100% chemical-free. The secret lies in the special combination of raw honey, propolis and beeswax, which work together to keep your skin clean, clear and protected. Melting away dirt and make-up, and even conditioning your brows and lashes, this really is a top-notch facial balm. Now available in a new squeeze-bottle for added convenience.

  • Natural
  • Vegetarian
  • Proudly South African

This luxurious cleanser will leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

  • Beeswax forms a lightweight barrier that helps to lock in moisture and protect your skin
  • Raw honey opens up your pores so they can be beautifully cleansed.
  • Bee pollen nourishes and moisturises your skin.
  • Propolis is antibacterial, and helps to prevent blackheads and pimples.
  • Cold-pressed avocado oil is packed with essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy.
  • Lavender oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and has a wonderful calming aroma.
  • Contains no lanolin, petroleum, aqueous cream, chemicals, colorants, castor oil, perfumes or preservatives.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

Bee Natural brings you a wonderful range of ethical bee products geared towards looking after you and your skin. Committed to sustainable farming and production methods, everything used in Bee Natural beauty products is sustainable and chemical-free.


Take cotton wool, and wet it with warm water. Apply a generous blob & gently cleanse. Gently towel dry.


Beeswax, raw honey, pollen, propolis, cold-pressed avocado oil, sunflower oil, lavender oil.

Please Note:

Faithful to Nature is an online retail store, specialising in a wide selection of natural supplements, vitamins, superfoods and health-related products. Our green team is all about helping you unlock your full potential to live a healthy life; however we are not medical professionals. Please do consult your health care practitioner when seeking medical advice.

Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 68 reviews Write a review
47 out of 52 people would recommend this product

  • Excellent cleanser
    06 Feb, 2017, By Regina I am amazed! Have used other natural expensive products and this was a test I did to see if the oil based cleanser will work. I used to use a make-up remover and then a cleanser, and would still have make-up on my face. This works first time! No rubbing, no scrubbing and it removes all make-up and dirt first time. It;s different getting used to the oil cleanser, but your skin is beautifully soft and feels amazing afterwards. I don use cotton balls - prefer it like a cleanser in my hands and spreading it all over my face - its quick and effective and I love this product! Highly recommended.

  • So happy to have come across this
    20 Jan, 2017, By Jeanine I received my cleanser yesterday and has since used it twice. Loved it after the first wash. It may take more time than my previous gel cleanser, however the results more than make up for it (plus its an ethical and thankfully affordable buy) Even my husband said you e face looks clear :-)

  • Best eye make-up remover
    11 Dec, 2016, By Clair I use this product as an eye make-up remover. I apply it with a damp face cloth and wipe it off. The make-up dissolves like magic and I do not have to rub hard or tug at my skin. There is zero irritation or redness like commercial eye make-up removers. I can even open my eyes while cleansing without them burning. I love it!

  • Way too oily
    29 Nov, 2016, By priscille fatuma Cleanse the skin well but it is too oily and unpleasant

  • Great
    19 Oct, 2016, By Monique I love this as a make up remover and cleanser. I think this product has the most reviews ive seen on any product on here:)

  • Be natural cleansing oil for sensitive skin
    14 Oct, 2016, By Sara One of the best cleansers I have ever used on my mature skin. My daughter also uses it and loves it. It cleanses and is rich enough for our harsh climate, and also does not burn the eyes, we both have fair skins and blue eyes; the price is also very reasonable.

  • Love this oil based product
    12 Oct, 2016, By Cobie After several eczema problems it is amazing how something so oily can help and clean and actually makes my face looks so much healthier! Love the fact that my face feel nourished after a cleanse.

  • great stuff
    25 Sep, 2016, By Vivien N I thought Id reviewed this before but maybe not?
    Its great stuff. My skin has never been happier. I was a little unsure at first because I couldn figure out how it worked. But once I worked it out. (warm water, wipe on, wipe off.)
    Its just great. Even my friends are noticing that my skin is smoother than usual.

  • Excellent cleanser for the older skin
    25 Aug, 2016, By Christa This was what my skin needed to plump it up again - all natural. I can recommend this product and brand with confidence as it will bring back a youth full look because of all the natural goodness thats inside!

  • Love it
    21 Jul, 2016, By Carol Anne I love this cleanser. I use it first and then do a 2nd cleanse with my cleansing cream, so removing all residues. Its very good for removing makeup and leaves the skin soft, and it is a great size and cost-effective. I have been put off buying this for some time due to the reviews saying it was very oily - but don find it overly oily at all, as long as you use a 2nd or 3rd damp piece of cotton wool to complete the cleanse. Im so glad I tried it and can highly recommend it.

  • Not for oily skin, but a definite balm for dry or sensitive skin!
    30 Jun, 2016, By RvR I am particularly picky as to what I use to clean my face, and this product delivers and then some.
    Like the face cleansing oils, it is oil-based, so not for oily skins necessarily, but I find it cleans combination skin beautifully.
    The ease with which it lifts make-up is fantastic, and where I would usually have to use quite a bit of make-up remover, a tiny little bit does the job.
    I am a fan, and am even handing out my own samples to friends!

  • Lekke!
    23 Jun, 2016, By Helen Nice product and it works!

  • Best for removing makeup
    27 Apr, 2016, By TARYN I love it! Its gentle on my skin especially around the eye area which is most sensitive. In the morning, my skin feels and looks rejuvenated. It completely removes the makeup without excessive rubbing.

  • Best bath oil
    06 Apr, 2016, By Philippa Okay I know this is not the intended use of the product but seriously, it makes THE BEST bath oil. A little goes a long way and it isn greasy at all which has been a problem Ive always had with bath oils. Me and my husband love this stuff!

  • Not what I expected
    01 Mar, 2016, By Christelle I unfortunately did not gather that this was not a face wash from the product info, and that it had to be applied using wet cotton wool. I enjoy washing my face in the shower and I find this product very cumbersome to use. I am not doubting that it is a great product, it was just not what I expected.

  • Effective for removing makeup, but very oily
    04 Feb, 2016, By Mary This balm is effective at removing eye makeup (including waterproof mascara). However, its really oily, so I wouldn use it on the rest of my face and I personally think Ill switch to another eye makeup remover too. If you don mind oiliness, this will be fine.

  • Bee Natural Cleansing Balm
    31 Jan, 2016, By Friederike It is a balm in the sense of the word. Gets well absorbed and almost needs no moisturing after use.

  • Love this!
    28 Jan, 2016, By Janine I have been using this product for many months now. Before, I use to have so many issues with my (very sensitive) skin: Dry, then very oily, acne, flaky, red, sore etc. This product just fixed my skin. Its now soft, clean and healthier than ever. It also lasts like forever, you only need a little bit. Whoever invented this, is a hero

  • Not for oily skin
    20 Jan, 2016, By Alta This product is not suitable for an oily skin.

  • does the job well
    11 Jan, 2016, By Elsabe great product. removes all make-up quite effortless and leaves your skin soft. can sting you eyes a bit if theres too much water on the cotton swab combined with the product. but none the less does a great job. love it.

  • Good eye make-up remover
    07 Jan, 2016, By Candice I bought this to use as an eye make-up remover based on other reviews here. Note that I do not use waterproof make-up, so I can say how well it would work with that.

    Ive been using it after my normal cleanser, by putting a little on some cotton wool when my face is still wet, and wiping away the mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow on my face.

    One needs to repeat the wiping motion repeatedly to get all the make-up off, but it works as well as any conventional make-up remover Ive used before. Plus, it leaves a nice oily residue on my under eye area, which I think is starting to improve the tone of the skin there too.

    A really great product. As others have said, a little goes a long way, so it is very competitively priced compared to many other make-up removers.

  • Great cleanser
    15 Dec, 2015, By Theresa Very nourishing, leaves my skin (which is very dry) feeling clean and moisturised. I wipe off the residue with cotton wool or a hot flannel towel or a facial scrub.

  • Wonderful!
    08 Dec, 2015, By Tammy I love this product. I have quite a sensitive/reactive skin and I haven experienced any problems using this. Its easy to use, effective, well priced and a little goes a looong way.

  • Great to remove make-up
    19 Nov, 2015, By Carolien I use this product to remove my make-up daily and it is great!

  • Great Product
    13 Nov, 2015, By Priscilla Love this product .My skin feels so soft,moisturised and also cleared the eczema on my eyelids.

  • Brilliant product that melts away make up!
    01 Nov, 2015, By Catherine I was in search of a natural make up remover and this one certainly does the trick! I use it slightly differently then directed; I take a medium sized blob and gently rub it in my skin, and over my eyes. Then I use a damp face sponge to get rid of the excess before washing my face as normal. It is an awesome product; super calming for sensitive skin, smells like yummy honey and really does remove every bit of make up on your face. WINNER!

  • works very well
    08 Oct, 2015, By Yaksha This product takes off make up and cleanses the skin. This is a definite keep. Thank you faithful to nature.

  • Oily and I love it
    07 Oct, 2015, By Illyan I have been using ocm-type cleansers for the last year, and this is by far my favourite (and SO well priced). Neutral smell which I quite like too. I use this with a bamboo-woven facecloth instead of cottonwool, and it works great. Will definitely recommend.

  • FEELS like a healthy choice
    13 Aug, 2015, By Kirsty I bought this predominantly as a make up remover but occasionally use it as an all over face cleanser as well. What I love about it is it really FEELS like youve made a healthier choice for your skin. The short and natural ingredient list is comforting, particularly for a product you e smearing all over your eyes. I have found it to work very well but I do need to master the art of application because its very uncomfortable when it gets in the eyes (something I have managed to of every single usage...) Also, the oily base means vision is blurred for ages if you do manage to work it into the eye.

    Assuming you are not quiet as incapable as me at using the product properly, it really does feel lush and rich and nourishing to the skin, eyelashes and brows.

  • Melts away make-up!
    20 Jul, 2015, By Jennifer This product really does what it says. Lovely soft feel on the skin. Cleans thoroughly and gently, leaves no make-up behind!

  • Great product
    12 Jul, 2015, By Verena Very happy with this purchase. Works very well and leaves my skin soft and clean. The added bonus is that it is also very economical.

  • Wonderful Product
    05 May, 2015, By Teagan Love this product, how natural it is and economical. It took my face a few days to adjust to the new cleanser but I am so glad I waited. I followed the directions by using a cottonwool pad to wipe it on and then off - it is amazing the dirt that comes off your face, even after rinsing with water! My skin feels soft and supple and it has even helped with my blackheads. I would recommend this product anyday. Before I started with this I was cleansing my face with just honey and I remember that it took my skin a whole week to adjust to that. I would recommend that if you are coming straight off a high chemical harsh soap-like cleanser that it will probably take time to adjust.

  • Value for money
    25 Feb, 2015, By Carissa Another winner from BEE Naturals. I use their entire range. Great value for money and very effective products.

  • So pure
    13 Feb, 2015, By Tamlyn I love this product to remove make up. It is really moisturizing and its not soapy and drying like other make up removers. As a body cleanser it is great barrier protection after a long bath. Leaves my skin feeling so loved!

  • Acne prone
    05 Jan, 2015, By Andrea I suffer from cystic acne , wasn my best bet but its a definite go to product for acne- free skin

  • Best cleanser ever
    01 Jan, 2015, By zahraa This product leaves my skin feeling dewy and moisturised. I love it

  • Beautiful product
    04 Nov, 2014, By Mary-Anne I love this cleansing balm and use it every night at the beginning of my cleansing routine. My skin feels really clean, fresh and moisturised afterwards and it removes all make up. No need for strong make up removers that leave stinging and tingling sensations any more!

  • A little goes a long way!
    11 Sep, 2014, By Chantel Leaves skin nice and soft. Make sure to follow the washing instructions or you will end up with a sticky oily face... All you need is a drop to clean your whole face. Good value for money.

  • Different but Lovely
    24 Aug, 2014, By Delani So I tried this and Im impressed at the ability to remove my eye make-up. I wet my entire face with warm water and then rub the product all over my wet face - then only do I wipe it off with wet cotton wool. Impressed with how soft my skin feels afterwards and using only a blob the size of a pea each day means it will last me quite a while.

  • Cleanses ockay but need soap afterwards
    15 Aug, 2014, By Lizette This oil is very rich and sticky, like creamy peanut butter. You can just rinse off with warm water either but need a soap to wash the oil off, so for me, its negates the one thing that I want - cleanse and rinse and not use soap that strips the moisture in my skin.

  • Bee Natural Cleansing Balm
    15 Aug, 2014, By Hlengi This product worked great to remove my make-up as part of my evening double cleanse routine, however, it did cause my skin to break out, so unfortunately Ive had to stop using it.

  • Value for money
    18 Jul, 2014, By Kathleen Ive wanted to switch over to the oil cleansing method for some time now, but just couldn seem to get around to it. I also used to use honey on my face as a mask everyday. Now I have both of these in one bottle without having to worry about oil quantities and whatnot. a Little goes a long way too! Im a happy customer!

  • it works...but
    02 Jul, 2014, By kc I personally think it is too messy. It needs extra cleaser to clean the oiliness after using it. Warm water just does not do the trick. It does erase mascaras and lipsticks but i would not purchase it again

  • Surprising and great product
    10 May, 2014, By Stephanie I have super sensitive skin and this works beautifully. Cleanses, moisturises and very economical. Yes, it takes some getting used to...

  • Silky smooth and gentle cleanser
    06 May, 2014, By Hanelle This product is a firm favourite with me. As an eye makeup remover I didn have much luck with it, though, because I find it creates a film over my contact lenses (perhaps I was just doing it wrong, its entirely possible). It didn sting, though, which is great. So now I use it as a face wash instead, by making an emulsion with a bit of the cleanser and some water, and then I apply it to my wet face. I wipe it all away with a face cloth, and voila, silky smooth and clean skin.

  • Another Lovely Bee Natural product
    13 Apr, 2014, By Shaakira This range is lovely, not only does it clear of the makeup, it moisturizes wonderfully at the same time as well

    You have to use it as instructed though for it to work though, no two ways about it.

  • Amazing
    28 Mar, 2014, By Precious wow, am so glad i came across this website, all the products i purchased are amazing and feel so good on the skin i can literally see my skin change as i apply the product.

    you have found a loyal soldier in me...lolz.....

  • 3-in-1!
    15 Feb, 2014, By Annari I have been using this product almost for a month now and it keeps quite long! It cleanses, removes make-up and moisturizes all in one! I love the feel of it on my skin.

  • Awesome product
    11 Feb, 2014, By Beverley This is by far the best product I have ever used. Even removes mascara and eye liner. Seemed to work quite deeply in cleansing my face. Super impressed!

  • Great eye-make-up remover
    11 Dec, 2013, By Audrey I have used many eye make-up removers over the years - and this is by far the best one I have tried. If you follow the instructions to warm some cotton wool under hot water, squeeze the water out and then apply just a small drop of the product onto the hot cotton wool - it work so well. It removes every bit of mascara and eye liner. I agree with some of the other reviews that the product is a bit oily - and if it gets in your eyes - it does burn a bit - but I have very sensitive eye so I might ascribe it to that. Overall - I am very happy with the product - it will last for ages because you use so little - so its great value for money.

  • Brilliant!, so recommend it.
    07 Dec, 2013, By saffyre This is the best product I have come across for make-up removal. I am a performer and often have to apply heavy make-up for stage so along with its hydrating factor and the ability to remove waterproof mascara its perfect. As a cleanser on its own I find it a bit too oily and have to use another cleanser afterwards, but that may just be personal preferance.

  • so-so
    03 Dec, 2013, By Monique To give a fair review, i haven used this products as per the instructions received with it, but i was annoyed that it says you must use it by wiping onto your face with cotton wool - i like washing my face quickly in the shower and this product will not work conveniently for me - i wish it would have stated the directions for use before i bought it. I have another face wash which im still finishing up, so when its done ill give this one a try again, but in case you think you can use it like an ordinary face wash, don even bother! Its extremely oily and i had to use another soap just to get it off my hands.

  • Love this product, I have extremely sensitive skin and this does not irritate it.
    04 Nov, 2013, By Chantal Love this product, I have extremely sensitive skin and this does not irritate it.

  • I was not so sure about this product.
    21 Oct, 2013, By Victoria I was not so sure about this product... After many ums and aahs I bought it and I love it! It moisturizes so well I often don use a face cream. Love it!

  • At first I was quite unhappy with this product and did not like that the bottle told me to take it off with cotton pads (so much waste).
    03 Oct, 2013, By Christine At first I was quite unhappy with this product and did not like that the bottle told me to take it off with cotton pads (so much waste). It feels like a residue says behind and I was worried that my sensitive skin will break out. However, even in Durban my skin looks great and my worries were unfounded. The face cloth is a definite must though, as it will not wash off otherwise. So it takes a little more commitment that my usual routine but the result is worth it.
  • The cleanser is more oily than I expected, but it does remove make-up effectively.
    28 Aug, 2013, By Patricia Grantham The cleanser is more oily than I expected, but it does remove make-up
    effectively. Living in Durban it may be too rich for the summer months. I
    presently use it and then wash off with a warm wet face cloth.

  • On your website I was looking for make-up remover and came across a Bee-Natural make-up remover.
    By Mariella On your website I was looking for make-up remover and came across a Bee-Natural make-up remover. I took a chance on this and was so impressed with the make-up remover, that I tried the body butter next and am thrilled at my purchases.

  • The Bee Natural Cleansing Cream is the best I have ever used.
    By Ona The Bee Natural Cleansing Cream is the best I have ever used. It makes my skin feels soft....but best of all is that it's excellent for removing eye makeup.

  • Im in love with this cleansing balm! Have had absolutely no problem getting out the jar (see its now a squeeze bottle but still have my jar as it lasts a long time), it removes makeup easily, leaves an even skin tone and helps majorly with my acne prove skin.
    By Natilee Im in love with this cleansing balm! Have had absolutely no problem getting out the jar (see its now a squeeze bottle but still have my jar as it lasts a long time), it removes makeup easily, leaves an even skin tone and helps majorly with my acne prove skin. I rub it into my skin and then wipe off with a warm facecloth. Works great.

  • Very effective cleaning.
    By Masadi Very effective cleaning. Only a small drop is needed for my face and neck. My skin looks clear and even-toned after just one wash. You definitely need a soft cloth or make-up mitt to wipe away all residue...

  • I also like the Bee Natural Cleansing Balm and can see why many people promote it.
    By Alexandra I also like the Bee Natural Cleansing Balm and can see why many people promote it. It certainly is not thick and difficult to get out of the bottle, so perhaps they changed the formula after the remarks.

  • Amazing product.
    By Jennifer Amazing product. I use it at night and my skin feels soft, clean & pampered. It removes eyeliner & mascara - unlike every other cleanser I've tried.

  • Excellent product, if you can get it out of the bottle.
    By Tessa Excellent product, if you can get it out of the bottle. I store mine upside down, currently, but intend to decant it into a jar as soon as possible.

  • I agree with Jenny.
    By Shelagh I agree with Jenny. I love the product: it's gentle yet effective, but I have to dig it out with the back of a teaspoon. A tub would work better - especially in the winter.

  • Really lovely.
    By Lynne Really lovely. Took the idea above of putting the bottle in a bowl or basin of hot water, which incidentally I now do every night, as it is doubly lovely, turns to a comforting warm oil and after taking a warm face cloth and holding it over my face then wipe off the dirt and make-up ever so easily, which then feels completely hydrated.

  • Love the stuff!
    By Adele Love the stuff! By skin feels clean, soft, hydrated, but not oily.

  • This product is amazing! Itís a real dirt buster but ever so gentle at the same time.
    By Janice This product is amazing! Itís a real dirt buster but ever so gentle at the same time. My skin feels clean and soft!

  • This product is absolutely divine.
    By Barbara This product is absolutely divine. My skin feels absolutely marvellous. It does a far better job of cleaning than any other cleanser I have ever used. It is hard to get out of the bottle so I just put the bottle in a bowl of hot water while I run my bath or prepare the shower.

  • This product goes firm in winter and the bottle is glass therefore one cannot get it out.
    By Jenny This product goes firm in winter and the bottle is glass therefore one cannot get it out.

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