Baltic Amber for Africa Medium Pet Collar Mixed

Baltic Amber for Africa Medium Pet Collar Mixed

Medium (22-40cm) Mixed
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Stop ticks and fleas from bugging your pet, by taking a smart natural preventative measure. Baltic amber collars leave a mild resin scent on your pet’s fur, which you’ll hardly notice, but ticks and fleas will hate! Your furry and purry friends will look rather fetching in their amber collars; and the comfortable, lightweight beads are a great way to keep those parasites and pests away. Plus Baltic amber beads release a natural painkilling, anti-inflammatory substance known as succinic acid, which helps to combat those everyday aches and pains. A must-have natural remedy for pet-lovers.

  • Natural
  • Made Overseas

  • Size: 22-40cm (Medium)
  • Suitable for small dogs or cats
  • Colour: Mixed Baltic amber beads
  • Handmade with an extra-strong threaded cord
  • Amber brads are light, warm to the touch & comfortable to wear

How it Works:

  • The natural oils (eg. succinic acid and aromatic plant terpenes) found in amber resin give off a mild but distinctive scent when the beads warm up.
  • When your pet wears a Baltic amber collar, the scent works its way into the skin and fur. Ticks and fleas find the smell repellent and quickly move on! 
  • This amber also carries a mild electro-magnetic charge which is only distressing to ticks and fleas.

The succinic acid released by Baltic amber beads has other great benefits too:

  • A natural painkiller & anti-inflammatory, helps to ease joint pain
  • Has a potent antioxidant effect
  • Promotes a healthy endocrine system
  • Has a calming & soothing effect

Please Note:

  • Pet Amber Collars should NOT be used to restrain a pet.
  • The scent of the amber beads on your pet’s skin should peak in strength after about three weeks of wear.
  • Only raw, unpolished amber is effective in repelling ticks and fleas; over time the natural outer covering of the amber beads may flake or fall off.
  • The Pet Amber Collar is a preventative measure and will not have an effect on an animal that is already fully infested with ticks and fleas. Use a natural flea treatment like Diatomaceous Earth to deal with an infestation before using the collar.

Please Note:

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